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Recent Educational Experience

2022 - Present

Swiss School Of Business and Management

Doctorate of Business Administration

Geneva, Switzerland


My research focuses on the intersection between sports and society and each variable's impact on the other. A closer look into the notion of Fandom, from inception to lifelong participation, is examined against the backdrop of intercollegiate athletics in the Canadian sports market to provide revenue-generating experiences for all stakeholders.

2022 - 2023

Durham College

Certificate in Adult Teaching

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada


The program focused on developing and delivering a student-centred curriculum that focused on the unique nature of adults. The classes that were offered were

  • Teaching Adults with Learning Disabilities

  • Curriculum Developments

  • Adult Education

  • Assessments and Evaluations

  • Instructional Techniques

2019 - 2021

University of Florida

Masters of Science in Sports Management with a Speciliazation in Sports Law

Gainesville, Florida, USA


The University of Florida Sports Management program, is highly competitive and intense, dissecting the sports world to its core. The courses offered an in-depth looking at into the world of sports events, sports finance, sport leading and sports marketing. In addition, I specialized in Sports Law and gained exceptional experience through case studies and internships. 

2019 - 2021

University of Florida

Graduate Certificate in Sport and Events Management

Gainesville, Florida, USA


The Graduate Certificate in Sports and Event Management provides an insider look at hosting events from the community to the Olympic level. Classes included were 


  • Sport Event Management Principles and Applications 

  • Management of Olympic Games Functional Areas

  • Sports Events and Community Development 

2018 - 2018

Columbia University

Graduate Certificate in Sports Management

New York, New York, USA


The education received at Columbia Universtiy was first class and true to its IVY League status. The Certification provided a exceptional base in which one may launch their Career upon. The focus, primarly on proffesional sports, was educative and insightfull. 

Professional skillset

Data Driven Solutions

Fan Engagement Strategies

Research and Design

Curriculum Development and Instruction


English (native)

French (Native)

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